Monday, September 30, 2013

"Now I could talk about vegetation, cause I'm a plant person, but you'll all go "duh", but if I give you a picture of something with a colourful head you'll all go "wow!", so we'll talk about birds... Birds are to landscape ecology what kittens are to Facebook."
I went and saw Ian Lunt at Ballarat a few months ago and the presentation is online. His presentation is great and he delivers lines like above so dryly, he's a pleasure to watch.

Though I totally realise that above gag will only apply to me and a handful of other landscape ecology folk. That being said later in the presentation he pays out on Eddie McGuire so you can probably get behind that.

You should also read his blog. Particularly this article, which has this following piece of homespun naturalist philosophy that I can certainly get behind:

"To the class of 2011: Leave a legacy. If you seek immortality, hammer a stake through your plots. It’ll probably outlive everything else that seems important right now."

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